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Our Story

Not to brag but…

We’ve got a pretty great thing going. For the last 8 years, we have made it our passion to make the lives of employees everywhere easier. A culture filled with blue couches, dart boards, and ice cream socials gets the creative juices flowing, as we come up with new and innovative ways to demystify employee perks. You don’t have to work for Google or Facebook to enjoy the best perks. Flying cars anyone? Just kidding, maybe not!

The PerkSpot Team

  • Dan Bannister

    Director, Merchant Relations

  • Miles Capen

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Patrick Dias

    Marketing Associate

  • Nathan Herring

    Director, Operations

  • Ryan Jewett

    Director, Accounts

  • Evan Miller

    Lead Designer

  • Caitlin Moran

    Operations Manager

  • Jace Mouse


  • Alexandra Noland

    Account Representative

  • Colin O’Keefe

    Account Executive

  • Lalo Quiroga

    Merchant Relations

  • Lindsey Spiegel

    Merchant Relations

  • Luke van Drunen

    Merchant Relations

  • Brandon Whiteman

    Director, Technology

Based in the Second City

A Chicago Company

Careers at PerkSpot

We’re a team of around twenty people working out of our office in Chicago’s downtown River North neighborhood. We dress how we like, stock a good beer selection, boast unlimited vacation days, and work to the background of our office playlists. We are always looking for passionate, smart, creative people to join our team. Currently we have the following open positions:


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