PerkSpot 101

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Our Story

Not to brag but…

We’ve got a pretty great thing going. For the last 10 years, we have made it our passion to make the lives of employees everywhere easier. A culture filled with blue couches, dart boards, and ice cream socials gets the creative juices flowing, as we come up with new and innovative ways to demystify employee perks.

The PerkSpot Team

  • Dan Bannister

    Director, Merchant Relations

  • Thomas Braaksma

    Account Manager

  • Miles Capen

    Marketing Manager

  • Justin Cardillo

    Vice President of Sales

  • Patrick Dias

    Special Projects Manager

  • Whitney Johnson

    Head of Marketing

  • Levi Kagan

    Accounting Manager

  • Phil Landua

    Merchant Relations

  • Andrew Lee

    Associate Merchant Relations Manager

  • Karla Marroquin


  • Leia McWhorter

    Executive Assistant and Office Manager

  • Evan Miller

    Lead Designer

  • Jace Mouse


  • Josh Mondy

    Software Engineer

  • Christine Murphy

    Account Manager

  • Tom Odon

    Software Engineering Intern

  • Stephen Padgett

    Software Engineer

  • Tasha Puckett


  • Taylor Somach

    Senior Director of Merchant Relations

  • Zach Steele

    Account Manager

  • Luke van Drunen

    Merchant Relations

  • Alissa Veenstra

    VP, Client Services

  • Anthony Watts

    Account Executive

  • Mason Weis

    Design Associate

  • Brandon Whiteman

    Director, Technology

  • Nick Wieczorek

    Product Manager, Head of Rewards and Recognition

  • Katie Williamson

    Marketing Associate

Careers at PerkSpot

We’re a team of around twenty people working out of our office in Chicago’s downtown River North neighborhood. We dress how we like, stock a good beer selection, boast unlimited vacation days, and work to the background of our office playlists. We are always looking for passionate, smart, creative people to join our team. Currently we have the following open positions:

Based in the Second City

A Chicago Company

More About PerkSpot & Friends

But wait there’s more… check out how our sister company Spotlite is transforming employee benefit enrollment. They’re making the enrollment process beautiful for employers across the country. A band of brilliant minds, the Spotlite team prefers coffee over water, bikes over cars, and did I mention, they will school you in the annual dodge ball tourney.

About Our Founder

Chris founded and ran PerkSpot out of his Chicago home, living the typical early entrepreneur lifestyle of ramen noodles and no guaranteed paychecks. Fast forward ten years later, and we’re all proud to be a part of what Chris started. Subsequently, Chris has taken on the role of CEO of Spotlite, PerkSpot’s equally successful sister company. Over the years, Chris has not only managed to create two successful companies, but has found time to build a family, invest in non-profits, and engage in a number of additional business pursuits.

  • Chris Hill


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