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Does This Office Make Me Look Fat?

We spend a lot of time with our coworkers. For better or worse, we pick up their habits. Which means, the office could be the demise of our well-intentioned diet plans.

Stay slim with these tips, even in a candy-bar filled office.

Eat breakfast before you get to work.

We get it. It’s early. You’ve snoozed five times. The last thing you want to do is make breakfast. However, everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’re less likely to eat once you leave the house and start on your endless inbox, so instead of grabbing a protein bar at work, make some quick overnight oats, or the oh-so-trendy avocado toast.

Make time for meals.

Ok, workaholics here’s looking at you. We know, those 30 minutes at lunch are precious moments where you can wrap up that email or send off that report. Don’t compromise on meal time. Make sure you take time to eat lunch so you’ll come back to your desk refreshed, re-energized, and focused.

Don’t forget the H20.

None of us drink enough water. It’s easy to forget to fill up on H2O between coffee cups, but instead of sipping on that third cup of coffee at 10am, reach for your water bottle. And for the truly unmotivated, try this clever Pinterest hack to stay on top of your water game.

Snack time is the best time.

Snacks are what make or break you when it comes to your diet. Make sure you pack healthy snacks to keep you satisfied between meals, such as almonds, yogurt, or fruit.
office is where we go to diet

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