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Provide a Benefit That Incentivizes and Motivates

For gig economy employers and membership organizations, benefits are never guaranteed—but they can be the factor that encourages someone to join. Partner with PerkSpot to provide a benefit that attracts employees and members to become an active and successful part of your organization.

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Join Fellow Gig Economy Employers in Incentivizing Employees

More than half of gig economy employees don’t have access to employer-sponsored benefits. Partner with PerkSpot to provide your employees with a benefit that saves them money and incentivize them to work harder with a unique, tiered approach that encourages them to continue advancing within your organization.

"PerkSpot is amazing! I end up using their discounts every month and I don't have to pay for any type of subscription!"
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Offer Members an Exciting Reason to Join

Increase your membership with a benefit that current and future members will find exciting and unique. PerkSpot provides members with more than 30,000 relevant discounts that help save time and money in over 25 categories, meaning every member can find a discount they love.

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Interested in setting yourself apart from your competitors and offering a voluntary benefit your clients will love? Let’s get started.

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