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Perks & Discounts

Easily Deliver Personalized Employee Perks & Discounts

Keep your employees smiling with thousands of personalized, private, and exclusive corporate discounts—and leverage your program to attract and engage new talent.

PerkSpot has partnered with 1000+ merchants to provide high-quality, exclusive offers employees love.

Why Perks & Discounts?

  • 73% of employees say customized employee benefits increase their loyalty.
  • 94% of millennials say nontraditional employee benefits make an employer more attractive.
  • 85% of employees felt their benefits package failed to support their current financial obligations.

What Is a Discount Program?

An employee discount program is a marketplace of exclusive discounts, negotiated by our team of experts, from top brands and local businesses. Employees can access their discounts through their Discount Portal and browse deals, search by brand or category, discover curated and personalized discounts relevant to their interests, and enjoy savings on a variety of products and services. PerkSpot’s program drives financial wellness for your employees, putting money back into their pockets.

How Does PerkSpot Do It?

Negotiated Discounts

Our expert team of negotiators is constantly hard at work making connections with top brands and local businesses to secure the best, exclusive discounts for your employees.

Bundled Perks for Employees

Once a discount is secured, it is vetted to ensure it complies with our guidelines and then it’s conveniently added to the Discount Portal.

Customized Marketplace

When you partner with PerkSpot, you’ll get an easy-to-use portal, optimized for all devices, that ties in with your company’s unique branding, creating a one-stop shop for employees’ perks and discounts.

Tailored Communication

We’ll work with you to create a communication plan that builds program awareness and helps employees maximize their valuable benefit.

Personalized Discounts

We want your employees to see the most relevant discounts for them. Our platform automatically tailors offers specifically for their unique interests, delivering savings of both time and money.

Employees Love PerkSpot

13,742 Cars were bought in 2021
through PerkSpot

43,089 Members in 2021 enrolled in a discounted gym membership

103,890 Hotels were booked in 2021 through our Travel Discount Center

$6,053 Potential yearly employee savings with PerkSpot

“I have so enjoyed working with the PerkSpot team on implementation and growth of our program. We launched in 2017 and the collaboration was flawless. The PerkSpot team was easy to work with and always responded quickly. The best part, though, has been hearing stories from employees of how they saved on a new car or a Samsung TV! The value of PerkSpot and ease of use has made for an amazing partnership.”

Cindy Cruz, Director of HR Service Center,
Bed Bath & Beyond

“PerkSpot has been an awesome partner since we launched in 2017. Our employees continue to stay super engaged with the program month over month, thanks to the seasonal communication pieces PerkSpot provides. I am constantly hearing great things from our employees and I have even saved money myself! PerkSpot is a fabulous benefit to our employees!”

Michelle McGill, Benefits Specialist

“PerkSpot is a robust program that provides our employees with both local and national deals. We have had employee discount programs in the past, but PerkSpot with it offering customization, provides our employee deals that meet their needs and lifestyle. The number of options available to our employees on a local and national level is outstanding!”

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