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Exclusive Perks & Discounts for Employers

PerkSpot’s trusted platform makes it easy to put money back into your employees’ pockets every day.

Some of the world’s biggest companies have partnered with PerkSpot to help their employees save.

Why PerkSpot?

Personalized Perks

We’ve built our platform to help employees save when and where it matters to them by showing the most relevant and meaningful offers. From local deals to nationwide brands to discounts overseas, there’s something for everyone.

Seamless Integration

Your perks and discounts program will be up and running in a matter of days, complete with custom branding tailored to your unique organization and a built-in employee communication plan.

Dedicated Support

Our team of client success managers are here to help you with anything you need. We help devise engagement strategies, create marketing materials, and more.

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Love PerkSpot

24 Industries covered by PerkSpot

99% Retention rate for clients

1,000+ Clients working with (and loving) PerkSpot

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Love PerkSpot

$6,053 Average yearly employee savings with PerkSpot

76% of PerkSpot members felt they receive the perfect amount of communication to stay informed about their discounts

814,910 Active members visit PerkSpot each month

Hear What Employers are Saying About PerkSpot

“Since launching our partnership in 2016, PerkSpot has been an invaluable resource to me. The PerkSpot team not only negotiates amazing discounts for our employees, but they also manage any previously negotiated offers, communicate the promotion of the program, and respond quickly and efficiently to any customer service requests. They have exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship!”

 Susan Ewbank, Employee Programs and Culture Specialist Alaska Air Group

“After 3 years of working with PerkSpot, I truly could not be happier. They have helped with my workload by taking on employee discounts and are great at tying the program to our overall corporate initiatives. I also love the marketing materials they provide to help us communicate and promote the program internally.
Five stars!”

 Georgette Kores, Manager of Global Wellness & Engagement World Fuel Services

“PerkSpot does all of the heavy-lifting to provide us with a discount program and easy-to-use platform with our unique business needs in mind. In addition to being extremely accessible and flexible, our account representative regularly offers to provide branded deliverables advertising new or relevant discounts for special circumstances and/or seasonal needs which provides our company an easy way to deliver information on these additional perks without any added work.”

 Melissa Howerin, Assistant Manager Health Services Norfolk Southern

“My personal experience with PerkSpot support team has been outstanding. It was so easy to start our folks joining perkspot as they did all the heavy lifting and even customized a site for us. The product itself is fantastic and I have used it myself at least 10 times a year. We have our employees engaging with PerkSpot from the first day of training and our employees tell us it is one of their favorite programs we have.“

 Justin Campbell, Health and Wellness Navigator TTEC

Hear What Employees are Saying About PerkSpot

“I’ve been looking at this refrigerator for over a year so I was super excited when I saved over $1,000 on a refrigerator and only paid $1 for the warranty. Thank you for all that you do to bring me and my family these discounts. Southwest Airlines really cares about its employees and this is just one of many examples.”

Monica Centers, Employee at Southwest

“I was planning an out of state trip and I wanted to compare the hotel companies price vs. the PerkSpot price. I found the PerkSpot offer to be much better, saving me money. The process to reserve the room on the site was seamless and when we arrived at the hotel we were checked in with no issues. I can’t wait to use PerkSpot for future trips!”

Evan Klug, Employee at Dart Container

“Via PerkSpot, I was able to rent a vehicle for a trip to Boston during peak season travel. I was very impressed by how easy it was to book via my employer’s PerkSpot page and how cheap it was. I was also very happy with how the process at the airport went, there was no issue with them pulling my reservation and the price matching, unlike other 3rd party services that have given me trouble.”

Concetta Stanfa, Employee at DeVry University

“I recently used PerkSpot to save on a rental car for my work trip as well as updated my luggage. It was a super smooth process and I definitely will be using it again in the coming months for an upcoming vacation!”

Jonathan Stone, Employee at CaptivateIQ

Testimonials from PerkSpot Users

My husband and I jumped at the great deal we received to join Sam’s Club! We would have never opted to get the membership if it hadn’t been for the terrific discounted price we received, which has just led to more savings. Thank you!”

 Jennifer H

“Thanks to PerkSpot, I was able to take advantage of my gym membership at a great discount.”

 Lauren S

“While on vacation in Savannah, we decided we wanted to stay another night. We found a good deal on a hotel through PerkSpot!”

 Carol M

“I saved a bundle on a piece of luggage that I’d been watching for months — thanks, PerkSpot!”

 Mary R

“I saved $56 by using PerkSpot on car rental from Budget for my trip to visit my parents.”

 Eva G

“PerkSpot has saved me money on various items like automobile purchases, computer purchases, and other purchases, but the main thing it has saved me is time. Time is more valuable than any amount of money. Thanks, PerkSpot!”

 Dan J

“I love that I don’t have to go on the site to find great deals,…the deals come to me on my email and I love clicking to see what great deals are available, Recently I was able to get a good price on some treat baskets as a thank you gesture to nurses who recently took great care of my mom in the ICU unit. Thanks!”

 Corina L

“I literally love when PerkSpot sends me emails. It has THOUSANDS of ways to help me save money and being a single mother of 3, you don’t know how much this helps me and my family!!”

 Senica W

“PerkSpot is a great benefit to have and has allowed me to save a lot of hard-earned money. PerkSpot has something for everyone, and I always check out the weekly deals before I make my weekend plans.”

 Tianna W

“I absolutely love PerkSpot! I got some gifts for my mom, a watch for my sister, and a few gifts for myself (but don’t tell anyone). Savings galore!!”

 Jesselle S

Support Your Employees’ Wellness

With PerkSpot, you can support every aspect of your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Financial Wellness

A financially stressed employee makes for decreased productivity and poor job satisfaction. Lend your employees a hand with their financial wellness by offering exclusive discounts on tax services, loans, mortgages, and more.

Mental and Physical Wellness

Demonstrate your employees’ value by providing discounts on gym memberships, fitness accessories, mental health support, and more, all geared towards the wellbeing of your employees.

The Perks Experts

We’re experts where it really counts—helping your employees improve their financial wellness with exclusive discounts on everyday items, like groceries and apparel, and the big stuff, like cars, insurance, and loans. Partner with us and let’s get started inspiring your employees to love where they work.

Interested in helping your employees save time and money where it matters most? Let’s get started.

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