PerkSpot for Employers

Help employees stretch their paycheck and reward them where it matters most.

What Makes Employee Satisfaction Important?

  • Promote Retention

    49 percent of employees polled said benefits were an important reason they came to work for a company, while 60 percent said benefits are an important reason for staying.

    Metlife Study – 2012
  • Attract Talent

    66 percent of millennials agree "If I found or was offered a job at another company with better perks... I would take it."

    PeaPod Study - 2015
  • Generate Productivity

    Highly engaged workforces generate, on average, 29 percent more revenue and are 50 percent more likely to have above-average customer loyalty.

    Right Management Study - The Power of Perks, 2013
  • Build Loyalty

    Employees who are satisfied with their benefits are the most loyal, with 71 percent of those employees reporting that they are very loyal to their employers.

    Metlife Study - 2011

Your Road Map to Happier Employees

Create a win-win for you and your employees. Because we know when they’re happy, you’re happy.

Employee Discount Program

Discover exclusive discounts on gym memberships, movie tickets, mortgages and all the little (or big) things that make life a little easier for your employees.

Rewards and Recognition

Send recognition in real time, reward employees with gift cards of their choice, and watch engagement soar. It’s quick, easy and the best part? It won’t blow your budget.
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What to Expect

Let our team create a program that's right for you.


Seamless Integration

With custom branding tailored to your organization, get up and running in a matter of weeks with a program that looks like it’s been there all along.

Perks That Matter

Employees can search the map for local discounts, find deals on national partners like AT&T, Samsung, Costco, or use their rewards credits to purchase gift cards from over 200 of their favorite brands.

customer service

Dedicated Support

Work with a dedicated CSM to craft an engagement strategy that works for your employees, whether they’re sitting behind a desk, driving on the road, or chatting in a retail location.

  • Advocate Health Care
  • Lyft
  • Postmates
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines
  • Walgreens

Employers PerkSpot

  • “I have so enjoyed working with the PerkSpot team on implementation and growth of our program. We launched in 2017 and the collaboration was flawless. The PerkSpot team was easy to work with and always responded quickly. The best part, though, has been hearing stories from employees of how they saved on a new car or a Samsung TV! The value of PerkSpot and ease of use has made for an amazing partnership.”

    Cindy Cruz Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • “This is the most wonderful step we could have taken…signing on with Perkspot to provide their awesome services for our employees here at CareerBuilder. We have had a wonderful response from our employees, and they really enjoy having a site they can access to discover discounts throughout a wide variety of vendors, merchants, stores, etc. Employees also like the fact that they may suggest a merchant to Perkspot so that they can look into negotiating further discounts for CB.”

    Michelle Herman CareerBuilder

Employees PerkSpot

  • "Thanks to this program I was finally able to afford Lasik eye surgery. It has made a major impact in my life and I will be forever grateful for the 25% assistance. My eyesight went from over 20/400 to 20/15."

    Tanya V.
  • "This program has helped me more than you know! As a mother of one and a fiancé, I find myself spending money on everyone else more than myself. Using PerkSpot helps me save money on those special surprises for them as well as necessities for the house."

    Gabrielle E.

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