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Channel Partners

Offer Your Clients More

Partner with PerkSpot to provide your clients with an all-in-one program that offers exclusive and relevant discounts to employees and helps you offer more where it matters.

Why PerkSpot Matters for You

Strengthen Client Relationships

Whether you’re looking to engage current clients or create new relationships, an employee discount program will offer an added value to your company.

Track Usage and Savings

Show your clients the impact you’re making for them—and their employees—with meaningful savings on great brands and products.

Customize for Your Business Model

Your company is unique, so your discount program should be too. No matter the structure of your business, we’re happy to work with you to develop a program that fits your and your clients’ needs.

Stand Out from the Competition

We know that you want to stand out from the crowd by offering your clients more. Let us take the lead with an exclusive discount program your clients will love.

Add Integrated Functions

We’re here to make your work easier. That’s why we offer additional support for channel partners, including integrated functions like HRIS and payroll within the client’s Discount Program.

“I think the COVID discount center featured on the PerkSpot website has been beneficial for our employees. Discounts on items such as electronics and accessories, home meal and food delivery services, weighted blankets and more are definitely helpful during unprecedented times.”

 Mary Glenn, Human Resource/Wellness Manager Chubb

“Thanks to our great partnership with PerkSpot, we have been able to provide an awesome value add to our clients. Our clients love the countless and deep discounts and the straightforward website interface. During these troubling times, clients are thrilled that they have the opportunity to present such a wonderful benefit to their employees.”

 Matt Bagshaw, Senior Account Associate HNI

Why PerkSpot Matters for Your Clients

Improve Engagement

Employees are worried about their financial wellness, and it’s impacting the way they work. Offer your clients a benefit that helps employees save, and watch engagement soar.

Attract Top Talent

Help your clients stand apart from their competition by offering them a more comprehensive suite of benefits. It gives your clients a leg up in their recruitment efforts and shows employees their interests are being considered.

Help Employees Save

With PerkSpot, employees get exclusive access to thousands of discounts in over 25 different categories. There’s a discount for everyone.

Interested in setting yourself apart from your competitors and offering a voluntary benefit your clients will love? Let’s get started.

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