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Work That Matters

Employee engagement has become far more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of life at most of our offices today. We provide fancy coffee, lounge areas, and beer on tap, all for the sake of keeping our employees happy.

But what if in all the noise we’re losing sight of what’s important? Employees doing work that matters. Work that matters to them and to the company.

Focus on Transparency and Communication

Provide a community of support for your employees and make sure they have a safe space to make their wishes known. When you conduct performance and goal reviews, make sure you’re asking employees about their happiness. In fact, according to Gallup, 86% of employees find their performance reviews uninspiring. Ask your employees how much time they spend on tasks they love. How much time is spent on things that really aren’t important or could be done more efficiently? These simple questions can make all the difference to a struggling worker. Employees who find a sense of community and an open space for communication are more likely to be happy and more engaged.

Focus on Mission

At PerkSpot, our mission is to inspire employees everywhere to love where they work by providing meaningful savings and recognition to their workplace. When we send emails or write proposals, we might not be thinking about this mission at hand, but each and every move we make gets us closer to this end goal. We took some time this year to think through how each department encompasses this mission and the various ways we achieve our company goal. Each person, from interns to the CEO, had an opportunity to participate and see how their work matters for the business.

Focus on Culture

After we’ve identified strengths and passions of our employees and tied them to our company mission, then it’s time to look at culture. What are the ways we can foster an environment that lends itself to engagement? Are you providing opportunities for employees to develop meaningful relationships? Do they trust their colleagues or is there a weak link? Making changes can go a long way in making your employees feel heard and valued, and in turn, trusting that their work matters.

Keep your focus in the right place to ensure your employees are doing work that matters.

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