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Reward Points for Your Team

  • Earn Reward Points Find deals on your discount portal offering Reward Points, and earn while you shop!
  • Redeem Reward Points Find deals on your discount portal offering Reward Points, and earn while you shop!
  • Stack The Savings Combine your gift cards with exclusive offers to save even more on the brands you love.

Earn reward points on qualifying deals in your discount shopping portal. It's simple, 100 reward points = $1.00 when redeemed. 

You can redeem points directly in your discount shopping portal on things like tickets, subscriptions, and memberships. Or you can redeem points on 240+ brands in our gift card store. 

If you have reward points, you can view pending, earned, and redeemed points from the My Rewards History page. To navigate to the page, click the user icon on the top right side of your portal and select My Reward History from the drop-down menu. 

Whether with cash, reward points, or a combination of the two, we offer a variety of ways to pay when purchasing directly through our discount shopping portal. If you would like to pay with a combination of both reward points and cash, simply add the reward points you'd like to redeem before paying the remaining balance with cash. 

*Reward Points are granted by PerkSpot post-purchase. You may not see mention of Reward Points on the brands page after being redirected to their site. Reward Point-eligible purchases will be rewarded within 60 days. Reward Points will reflect as “pending” and you will receive a notification when they are available in your account.

Hear What Employers are Saying About PerkSpot

“It’s always been easy. This is one of the programs that almost runs itself. It’s not one I have to spend a whole lot of time on.”

Leslie Sells, Benefits Analyst at Humana

“The personal attention I receive from the PerkSpot team is unparalleled. I can trust that they put our needs first and respect the standards of our employment brand.”

Jeffory Jolly, Manager of Employee Engagement and Travel

 “What we love most is that we don’t have to do a lot of manual entries. I love the fact that
PerkSpot handles all of the logistics for us and we don’t have to continuously respond to
various vendors who constantly call or email. PerkSpot will get back to you.”

Lupe Melendez, Benefits and Health and Wellness Advisor

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New ways for employees to save.

Without activation your employees will miss out on thousands of discounts and hundreds of dollars in savings. Use our simple and easy steps below to get them started today.  

Steps to Activate Your Account:

  • Sign up at your community's URL. Reach out to your HR team for this information.
  • Once on your organization’s PerkSpot site, click “Create Your Account”.
  • Use the access code for your community to complete the registration process.

How to Download to Your Mobile Device

Downloading the app to your mobile device is simple. It’s available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Search for “PerkSpot Mobile App” or follow the link and tap the “Get” or “Install” button to begin downloading your free app.

How to Download the Browser Extension

Saving just got a whole lot easier! With the new PerkSpot Chrome Extension, you can take the exclusive savings of your Discount Program with you wherever you love to shop online. Google Chrome users can easily add the PerkSpot Chrome Extension to find and save on more than 10,000 exclusive discounts

Download Now


Search for the PerkSpot Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome Browser.


Head to your favorite online stores to browse and shop – discover discounts on travel, apparel, electronics, and so much more.


If a discount is available, a notification will pop up in the top right corner of your browser. Click to gain access to the discount.