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Chipotle Helps Employees Connect & Save

Supporting diverse workforces requires connecting people across locations, languages, and backgrounds. For employee perks to make an impact, they have to support specific needs that are relevant and meaningful to each individual.

Working with Chipotle, PerkSpot created a plan that overcame the company’s biggest challenge of reaching all employees in a way that felt impactful. With a custom employee communications plan and national platform of perks and discounts, Chipotle saw incredible results:

  • $35,000 increase in employee savings
  • 73% increase in discount portal users
  • 88% increase in new users

Prior to partnering with PerkSpot, Chipotle didn’t have a way to connect people. How can we help your organization solve challenges for diverse employee needs?

Read the case study to understand how the right perks solution can support a diverse workplace.