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Cracking The Code On Financial Wellness For A Multigenerational Workforce

With baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z all under one roof, it can feel impossible to craft a financial wellness program that meets the demands and needs of your workforce.

But what if we told you there’s a way to bridge the generational gap and empower employees of all ages to achieve financial harmony?

Watch our insightful webinar where we uncovered the secret to developing a holistic financial wellness strategy that resonates with your entire workforce. From young professionals just starting their careers to seasoned veterans nearing retirement, you’ll learn how to curate meaningful benefits and effectively communicate them to the right people at the right time.

From the webinar, you will:

  • Uncover the unique financial drivers and personas of your generational employee groups
  • Gain fresh insights for curating financial wellness offerings that genuinely resonate across the age spectrum
  • Elevate your communication strategies to ignite benefits’ engagement at every life stage
  • Empower employees from newly-minted graduates to tenured leaders toward financial fulfillment
  • Discover impactful tactics for promoting the right resources at the right time to the right people

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical tips and actionable strategies for navigating the complexities of financial wellness in a multi-generational workplace.


SPEAKERS: Chelsea Wickline (Creative Director, Content and Brand), Nina Turner Senior (Director of Product Marketing)

GUEST SPEAKER: Melissa Nagelbush (Senior Manager of Benefits in People Resources at Shake Shack)