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Explore the Most Popular Employee Benefits of 2023

Creating a comprehensive and competitive benefits package for your employees can take a lot of your team’s effort. And with budgets getting tighter, there’s little room for error. How can you save time, energy, and money in 2023? By understanding what your employees want the most.   

We analyzed data from our 20 million+ members to explore the most popular perks of 2023. With these insights, your team can build a benefits program that your employees will be guaranteed to love without the stress. 

In this webinar, you will receive: 

  • An exclusive overview of which perks are most popular with America’s workforce in 2023.
  • A look into why these perks matter, and how to layer them into your benefits plan.
  • Advice from our expert Business Intelligence Analyst on how to make the best choices for your benefits package.