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Shake Shack Swiftly Adapts Their Benefits

Due to the pandemic, Shake Shack’s leadership wanted to offer benefits and perks that supported their employees with a smaller budget and a heavier workload. With PerkSpot, Shake Shack launched their Shake Shack Discount Program to over 6,000 employees.

“We were looking for new benefits that were cost-effective that we could introduce to our employees, that would be kind of exciting for them to hear, and that everybody can access,” said  Jodi Lasser, Total Rewards Specialist. PerkSpot “had a very creative and innovative product. And we thought your branding fit best with what Shake Shack was looking to provide.” 

With quick launch times, extensive marketing materials, onboarding specialists, and dedicated account managers launching PerkSpot is a piece of cake! (Or, for Shake Shack, a chocolate shake.)

See how PerkSpot made it easy for ShakeShack to launch its new benefits program.