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Inflation’s Impact on Healthcare Employees

With inflation on a historic rise, Human Resources departments will be forced to balance the unique concerns of inflationary pressure atop platters already full with the Great Resignation and the global shift towards work-from-home. At a staggering 7.9% monthly inflation growth as of writing, increased pay expectations and skyrocketing turnover can feel daunting as a HR professional, especially in particularly vulnerable fields like Healthcare – but there are concrete strategies your organization can employ to resist and ultimately beat out inflationary pressure. PerkSpot’s The Effects of Inflation on Healthcare Industry Employees E-Book has some of the crucial advice that can help your department and broader organization fight back against inflation.

Rising labor costs and turnover, declining revenue and equipment price spikes are just some of the insidious effects of inflation that your Human Resources team will have to grapple with, and solutions have to be based around the unique and diverse needs of your employees.

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