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Offer Discounts That Support Local Businesses

Local businesses have faced increased challenges over the past few years. The pandemic, increased inflation, and supply chain disruptions have all contributed to the struggles to survive. Starting a business can be daunting in itself. What better way to lend a helping hand than to offer benefits to your employees that support their local favorites? Employees save and businesses grow their customer base, it’s a win/win situation. 

Why Support Local Businesses? 

There are plenty of reasons to support local including sustainability, product diversity, an increase in local jobs, innovation, and many more. Locally owned businesses also have a large impact on the overall wellness of their respective communities. For example, compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.

The Value Of An Employee Discount Program

One way to provide employees with a financial benefit that helps stretch their paycheck is to implement an employee discount program. An employee discount program is a marketplace of exclusive discounts, negotiated by a team of experts. Employees can access their discounts through their discount portal and browse deals, search by brand or category, discover curated and personalized discounts relevant to their interests, and enjoy savings on a variety of products and services. 

What Makes PerkSpot Unique

Compared to similar discount programs, one unique feature PerkSpot offers is the option to “Suggest a Business”. Members have the option to fill out a form with the business information and PerkSpot will reach out within 5 business days to secure an exclusive offer for their perks portal. This allows members to save on all things, including small businesses. 

Local Savings In Action 

Clients from across all industries have taken advantage of local savings through PerkSpot including Mayo Clinic. Thousands of patients from around the world travel to Mayo Clinic on a daily basis seeking top-notch care. Not only has Mayo Clinic invested in their employees by partnering with PerkSpot, but they have also used PerkSpot’s “Suggest a Business” feature to recommend local vendors to be added to their discount portal. “The Suggest a Business functionality is great for adding additional discount opportunities for our staff,” shared Betty Smith, Employee Purchase Program Coordinator. 

PerkSpot provides a financial benefit to your employees, and by suggesting local businesses we also support your community. If providing impactful discounts and shopping local interests you, PerkSpot could be the perfect benefit for your employees. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo today!

Two Major Signs of Micromanagement

workers discussing micromanagement

The dreaded micromanager is the bane of any productive workspace. We’ve all been there – the manager who needs to be CC’d on every email. The boss who demands reports so often that you can’t get any real work done. Even the coworker who nit-picks everything you do. It’s no secret that micromanagement in all its forms is one of the biggest contributors to employee disengagement and ‘quiet quitting’; a 2014 survey from Accountemps reported that 59% of employees have worked for or with a micromanager, and the percent of workers who reported micromanagement hurting their morale – 68% – has only gone up in recent years, with a recent survey from Trinity Solutions reporting a whopping 85% of respondents citing micromanagement as a personal morale-killer.

Micromanagement is both one of the most common and most bothersome of workplace ills because it is difficult to identify, and even more difficult to adequately address. But the first step of handling micromanagement is to recognize what’s going on, and to differentiate micromanagement from attentive management! Below are some common traits of micromanagement that can help you identify it at your workplace.

Excessive Amounts of Reporting

Reporting is a crucial part of understanding and improving campaigns. Still, a manager who requests excessive reports on projects can serve as more of a detriment than an incentive. Daily check-ins on the same task, for instance, tend to increase stress and decrease productivity. If a manager is hanging over their shoulder, it’ll leave employees thinking more about their check-in meeting than the project itself. An organized routine for project check-ins on a weekly or biweekly basis can go a long way in cutting down micromanagement.

Hyper-Focus on Details at the Wider Project’s Expense

Detail-oriented management is a great trait, especially for managers who need to oversee complex projects with many moving parts. But sometimes, a focus on detail can slip into minutia, where workers start spending unproductive time addressing minor details at the manager’s request. It can be tricky to differentiate between detail-oriented style and genuine micromanagement, so to tell the difference try asking yourself: “Is this feedback rooted in industry best practice, or is it a personal preference?” When small details are being changed, backed up by data that shows it’ll improve the project, then you have an attentive manager; but if small details are being regularly changed for no clear reason other than personal preferences, you may have a micromanager on your hands.

The best way to deal with micromanagement is to help your manager realize that they don’t need to. Every worker is an individual who handles tasks in a unique way. Encourage them to be open to employees trying tasks in new ways, rather than always having to get their way. Personal solutions founded on good, mutual communication are the best solution to micromanagement, as they are for a great number of major HR stressors – take it from the personalized benefits experts! Discount programs like PerkSpot only work due to providing meaningful, individual solutions – the kind that you should be encouraging micromanagers to take, rather than zooming in on the little things.

PerkSpot Celebrates 16 Years

Founded in 2006, PerkSpot is dedicated to inspiring others to love where they work by providing exclusive access to the best discounts available – anywhere. How do we accomplish that? By hiring the very best people and staying true to our core values that are part of our everyday work ethic, culture, and passion.

Together we have established new partnerships, increased the number of members actively utilizing our platform, improved our products, and most importantly, helped employees save on the things that matter most. We’ve added 35+ PerkSpotters to the team and have increased our discount offering by over 250 new brands.

Chris Hill, Founder and CEO, shared, “It’s exciting to see new faces and the growth of the company over the years. I’m extremely grateful we were able to get together and celebrate the past year’s accomplishments surrounded by our biggest supporters and families. As we look ahead to the next year, I’m eager to see what we achieve.”

To recognize the hard work and dedication of our employees, we gathered with our family and friends for a picnic in the heart of Chicago. Plenty of fun was had and memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to another great year. Thank you, PerkSpotters! 

Join the Team

We are thrilled to embark on another great year ahead but we can’t do it without our people here at PerkSpot. Interested in joining our growing team? Check out our open roles today!