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An Inside Look At PerkSpot’s Headquarters

We’re headed behind the scenes to get a glance at PerkSpot’s Headquarters located in Downtown Chicago. At PerkSpot, our mission is to inspire others to love where they work, and that starts right here with our own employees. What began as an idea has now sprouted into a company that is changing the lives of employees at more than 1,000 businesses around the world, all with the goal to build a better place to work.

Above all, we are proud to be a leader in the human resources space, creating new and valuable ways for employers to provide financial wellness for over one million employees with an attitude of humility, generosity, and gratitude.




Collaboration is Key

PerkSpot’s office is built for collaboration. With two stories of workspaces, the options are endless.





Open-Air Concept

With an open-air concept, employees are able to smoothly work cross-functionally with other internal teams. In addition, there are plenty of meeting rooms available for private meetings. 






The Kitchen

Did someone say free lunch? The PerkSpot kitchen is the perfect place to mingle with colleagues. It’s also a great place to cheers to our successes!






Creative Nooks

Why work from a desk when you can work from a couch? PerkSpot has multiple nooks to let your creativity flow.






Historical Elements

Located at 320 W Ohio Street, the PerkSpot office has historical elements throughout with brick walls and industrial accents.






Natural Sunlight

You don’t have to worry about a lack of sunlight here. In other words, with windows on every wall, natural lighting is always present.





A Culture of Recognition

We are proud of our accomplishments. In other words, our recognition wall is the perfect motivation for all employees.





Outstanding People

Our people are pretty great. Throughout the office you’ll find PerkSpotters hard at work to provide the best possible experience for our members.





Work Hard, Play Hard

PerkSpotters like to have fun too! We frequently hold events both in-person and virtually to connect with our peers and get to know one another.



For our colleagues in Chicago, we offer the flexibility to work remotely. Yet, we cherish our in-person monthly All Hands meetings along with occasional in-office collaboration days. For our remote employees, we offer occasional travel into the office for team and company events.

 Recently, PerkSpot was named one of Built In Chicago’s 2022 Midsize Companies Best Places To Work and one of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Inc. 5000. 

We’re always looking for people who align with our core values, an essential part of who we are as a company. Are you interested in becoming a PerkSpotter? Check out our open positions and apply today!

H-E-B Helps Employees Save When They Need It Most

H-E-B needed a benefit that satisfied the needs of their entire workforce, made up of nearly 120,000 employees. “We have a lot of single parents and employees on a budget, so we’re always trying to see how we can better serve them,” said Lupe Melendez, the Benefits and Health and Wellness Advisor of H-E-B. That’s where PerkSpot stepped in. After partnering with H-E-B in 2016,  all employees are able to save with thousands of exclusive savings. 

How Does PerkSpot Support H-E-B? 

When asked why H-E-B was looking to make the switch from their previous discounts provider to PerkSpot, Lupe Melendez said, “H-E-B was looking for someone who was seamless, provided various resources, and was easy for our Partners to navigate, a one stop shop.”

With PerkSpot, there’s not much required from an HR director or benefits manager. A dedicated client success manager sends regular reports detailing employee savings, program participation, and more. Additionally, marketing materials are sent throughout the year. By highlighting seasonal savings, employees can make the most of their discount program!

“What we love most is that we don’t have to do a lot of manual entries. I love the fact that PerkSpot handles all of the logistics for us and we don’t have to continuously respond to various vendors who constantly call or email. PerkSpot gets back to you.”

How Did Employees Save During Difficult Times? 

As a grocery store during the Covid-19 pandemic, leaders at H-E-B’s corporate offices quickly realized how thinly stretched their time would be. With important discussions at hand, leaders from over 300 stores became busy fast with store management. With such a strong focus on this, PerkSpot’s relationship with H-E-B became crucial. 

PerkSpot doubled down on efforts to find the most relevant savings for employees. In turn, the efforts helped those who were strongly impacted by the pandemic to save time and money where they needed it most.

Check out other savings stories from some of PerkSpot’s partners. 

Interested in joining the hundreds of companies helping their employees save with unmatched discounts? Schedule a demo today to get started! 

Meet PerkSpot’s 2022 Internship Program

With the summer coming to a close, we are celebrating the success of the internship class over the past year. From leading projects to participating in training and skill buildings, the interns were fully immersed in what a career at PerkSpot looks like. Not only that, but with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, our interns spread out across multiple teams ranging from sales to engineering. 

We Aim High

Each of the interns exceeded their manager’s expectations while participating in projects and taking ownership of their responsibilities. Unlike other internships, our program is dedicated to providing real value during the duration of their time with PerkSpot. 

Week by Week Timeline

Managers created an overall framework to get each intern’s project done and achieve their goals. In doing so, this allowed them to get the experience that was relevant to their major while exploring their interests with real life examples and tools.

Team Support

Intern’s were challenged with a larger sized project for the majority of their program. In an effort to build relationships amongst our interns, we created a friendly atmosphere with someone to lean on for advice or provide support throughout the process! 

Skill Building Days 

As part of the internship, we dedicated a full day to building useful skills in the workplace, like DISC assessments, mental health and ways to avoid burnout, time management, giving and accepting feedback, and many more. 

We Stay Humble 

Our humble beginnings remind us that there is no job too big or too small when it comes to the success of our team. Therefore, our interns involvement with every project with had an impact, no matter the size. We’re beyond grateful for each and every one of their contributions! 

We Value People 

People, be they employees, users, clients, or merchants, are at the center of everything we do and it’s our goal to serve them as best we can. As part of the intern’s time, they planned a company-wide event for all PerkSpotters to attend. Based on superlatives, the intern’s had everyone submit their votes for a variety of categories. It was an exciting way to recognize and get to know the great PerkSpotters of the company. 

We Have Fun

We held an after work event at the office along with a company-wide picnic in downtown Chicago to celebrate an exciting summer and the great work of each of the interns. It was a great time getting together and having some fun! 

Check out some of our favorite memories from the summer below!

Thanks again to our amazing interns,

  • Arthur Hartnett, Sales Trainer Intern 
  • Twinkle Patel, Quality Assurance Intern 
  • Jake Rogers, Software Engineer Intern 
  • Anthony Hanna, Sales Operations Intern
  • Kevin Cooke, Business Intelligence Intern

Are you interested in an internship with PerkSpot in the future? Stay tuned for our open positions on our careers page. Check out our other open roles in the meantime! 



Offer Discounts That Support Local Businesses

Local businesses have faced increased challenges over the past few years. The pandemic, increased inflation, and supply chain disruptions have all contributed to the struggles to survive. Starting a business can be daunting in itself. What better way to lend a helping hand than to offer benefits to your employees that support their local favorites? Employees save and businesses grow their customer base, it’s a win/win situation. 

Why Support Local Businesses? 

There are plenty of reasons to support local including sustainability, product diversity, an increase in local jobs, innovation, and many more. Locally owned businesses also have a large impact on the overall wellness of their respective communities. For example, compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.

The Value Of An Employee Discount Program

One way to provide employees with a financial benefit that helps stretch their paycheck is to implement an employee discount program. An employee discount program is a marketplace of exclusive discounts, negotiated by a team of experts. Employees can access their discounts through their discount portal and browse deals, search by brand or category, discover curated and personalized discounts relevant to their interests, and enjoy savings on a variety of products and services. 

What Makes PerkSpot Unique

Compared to similar discount programs, one unique feature PerkSpot offers is the option to “Suggest a Business”. Members have the option to fill out a form with the business information and PerkSpot will reach out within 5 business days to secure an exclusive offer for their perks portal. This allows members to save on all things, including small businesses. 

Local Savings In Action 

Clients from across all industries have taken advantage of local savings through PerkSpot including Mayo Clinic. Thousands of patients from around the world travel to Mayo Clinic on a daily basis seeking top-notch care. Not only has Mayo Clinic invested in their employees by partnering with PerkSpot, but they have also used PerkSpot’s “Suggest a Business” feature to recommend local vendors to be added to their discount portal. “The Suggest a Business functionality is great for adding additional discount opportunities for our staff,” shared Betty Smith, Employee Purchase Program Coordinator. 

PerkSpot provides a financial benefit to your employees, and by suggesting local businesses we also support your community. If providing impactful discounts and shopping local interests you, PerkSpot could be the perfect benefit for your employees. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo today!

PerkSpot Celebrates 16 Years

Founded in 2006, PerkSpot is dedicated to inspiring others to love where they work by providing exclusive access to the best discounts available – anywhere. How do we accomplish that? By hiring the very best people and staying true to our core values that are part of our everyday work ethic, culture, and passion.

Together we have established new partnerships, increased the number of members actively utilizing our platform, improved our products, and most importantly, helped employees save on the things that matter most. We’ve added 35+ PerkSpotters to the team and have increased our discount offering by over 250 new brands.

Chris Hill, Founder and CEO, shared, “It’s exciting to see new faces and the growth of the company over the years. I’m extremely grateful we were able to get together and celebrate the past year’s accomplishments surrounded by our biggest supporters and families. As we look ahead to the next year, I’m eager to see what we achieve.”

To recognize the hard work and dedication of our employees, we gathered with our family and friends for a picnic in the heart of Chicago. Plenty of fun was had and memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to another great year. Thank you, PerkSpotters! 

Join the Team

We are thrilled to embark on another great year ahead but we can’t do it without our people here at PerkSpot. Interested in joining our growing team? Check out our open roles today!

What Does Hybrid Really Mean?

In the past few years, the standard work environment has seen changes. Prior to the pandemic, the majority of companies had their roles in-person at their corporate offices. It wasn’t uncommon for employees to relocate to new towns, cities, and even states for their job. However, something changed. During the pandemic, companies were faced with the unique challenge of keeping their employees safe while remaining in business and successful. To do so, a lot of employers switched to a work from home model. Technology had to be updated, expectations were adjusted, and a new work environment was taking shape. After two years of little to no in-person collaboration, employees have started to show interest in returning to the office. That’s where the hybrid model comes in, a mix of both remote and in-person to balance the best of both worlds. 

Hybrid Defined 

A hybrid work environment can be different depending on the industry, role requirements, or your current technology capabilities. Some companies have a set number of in-person days built into their team’s schedule per week, others have quarterly onsite gatherings to get the team together and collaborate. In general, a hybrid work environment is one made up of both working from home and working in-office for a period of time. Each version has its set of pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which model works best for your team. 

How To Execute 

It can be challenging going from a fully in-office model to employees scattered throughout the country. One of the most important pieces to switching over is communicating expectations company-wide. As important as it is that employees feel empowered, it’s just as important that everyone is on the same page. To keep up with the progress, send out a company poll and ask managers to discuss the change with their employees. It will only further the trust between employees and their managers.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Model 

There is a reason 74% of companies in the United States are currently using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model. The best part about a hybrid model is that employees are able to experience both a remote and in-person environment. A remote environment brings more flexibility, fewer distractions, and even increased productivity. An in-person environment brings increased collaboration, an opportunity for team bonding, and access to office resources. Statistics show that 83% of companies say that collaboration has been as good or better after switching over from a full in-office model to a flexible environment. Additionally, employees are more willing to stay at their jobs when it’s less controlled. Plus they’re able to save money without a daily commute. 

Today’s employees are seeking flexibility with where they work. With 44% of employees preferring a hybrid work model, it might be time to reconsider your current work environment. You might be surprised at the increase in productivity and retention you see when you make the change!

Interested in investing further in your employees? Check out our E-Book, “5 Focus Areas For Building a Better Workplace” to find out how you can create a better working environment for your team.

The Importance of Trust in The Workplace

The relationship between employees and their managers is often a complex one. With different working styles, communication preferences, and work environments there can oftentimes be disagreements. In addition to the already existing responsibilities as a leader, how do you create an environment where employees feel inspired and engaged? It all comes down to trust. When there is mutual trust, there is increased empowerment, more open communication, and higher success of employees. So, how do you show your employees you trust them? 

What is Trust? 

Trust can look a lot of different ways in the workplace. It’s when a manager feels that they can count on their team to meet their responsibilities and be honest in their progress. It’s allowing for flexibility and letting teammates work where they are most comfortable whether it’s remote or in the office. Trust in the workplace means your employees enjoy a culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual respect. In addition, it’s being able to predict that someone will act in specific ways and be dependable

How To Build Trust 

Building trust can be easier said than done. For example, statistics show that people trust each other less today than they did 40 years ago. With it being difficult to achieve, how do you find success with your employees? We’ve laid out a few tips. 

Listen Frequently 

When your employees feel empowered to have their ideas be heard, they will be more willing to speak up in the future. One way to set aside time with your employees is to set up recurring weekly one-on-one meetings. This way you have dedicated time to talk directly with your team and gather feedback, both positive and negative. 

Embrace Vulnerability

We all are human and face hardships outside of work. It’s important to embrace your employees’ true self and also be vulnerable when you can. By creating a safe space, your teammates will feel more willing to open up in the future. 

Show Appreciation 

Appreciation goes a long way. Whether it’s a simple “thank you”, a written note showing your gratitude following a large project, or celebrating a career anniversary. When employees’ feel appreciated at their job, they are more likely to meet deadlines and be honest with their managers.

Be Honest 

Honesty is key to trust. If you’re honest about how things are going in and outside of work, your employees’ will be more willing to be honest going forward. Even if what you’re sharing might not be the best information, it’s better to communicate the truth than not at all. 

Coach Before Discipline  

One mistake a lot of leaders make is reacting to mistakes with discipline instead of coaching. Research has shown that authentic leadership can cultivate trust and improve employee engagement and performance. Not only that, but it’s been shown to improve work relationships company wide. 

Transparency Over Everything 

It all comes down to transparency. The more open and honest you are with your team, the better. Be open and transparent with your feedback and keep your employees’ in the loop. You’ll foster an environment based on trust in no time!  

The Results

Trust has impactful results from improved engagement, efficiency, and productivity. According to research, disengagement costs U.S. companies approximately $450 billion to $550 billion annually. With trust impacting engagement alone, it’s a no brainer why trusting your employees is so important. 

Interested in continuing your efforts to make your workplace a great place to work? Read our E-Book, “5 Focus Areas for Building a Better Workplace” to see how you can create a better place to work for your employees.

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Finding a balance between your career and your personal life is a challenge that is often faced across industries and professions. But what does it really look like to balance both successfully? With the pandemic, work environments have changed and there has been an increase in remote work. Employees have enjoyed the added flexibility but there is a new challenge of knowing when to disconnect. We’ve laid out a few ways you can encourage your employees to balance their work and play. In return, your employees will have increased productivity, improved overall happiness, and fewer health issues

Encourage Meaningful Breaks 

It can be draining to work a full day without time to decompress. That’s where breaks come in. A break can range from a 15 minute microbreak at your desk to an hour-long walk with your dog during lunch. It can be tempting to work through the lunch break when you’re behind or simply want to get ahead, but it’s crucial to take the time for yourself. It’s important to break up your work day and encourage your employees to do the same, especially when they work remotely.  

Set Boundaries and Communicate Them Company-Wide

It can be challenging to truly unplug from work. That being said, it’s not only important but it’s necessary. Encourage employees to utilize their calendar to block off when they will be unavailable and stick to those commitments. If your company uses Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any other communication tool, have your teams mute their notifications past working hours and update their status if they are away. If your employees have access to email on their cell phone, it’s also a good idea to mute notifications when not working. 

Offer A Flexible Working Environment 

When an employee feels valued and trusted at their company, it’s proven that they will perform better and stay longer. Employees who have the freedom to manage their time will feel less burnt out and use their time more efficiently. For example, employees who feel unable to complete outside of work responsibilities such as a doctor’s appointment during the workday will feel an added stress trying to fit everything into their day. If your employees are unable to step away during the day, allow for flexible scheduling and hours. Set the expectations early on and allow your team to perform where and when it works best for them. 

Lead By Example 

Leaders play a big role in the workplace. As important as it is for your employees to have a work-life balance, it’s just as important for managers and leadership to as well. With heavy workloads and busy schedules, there are times when it is necessary to work extra hours. But, that doesn’t mean breaks and boundaries shouldn’t exist. Set an example for your employees by utilizing your time off, setting working hours, and communicating flexibility. Not only that, but ensure your team’s are aware that they are not expected to respond to any messages or emails sent after their working hours. You’ll see that with time, employees feel more trusted and engaged when you lead by example

It is challenging to balance your employees’ workload and their everyday life effectively. As an HR leader, there are plenty of ways to encourage a balance and set expectations at a company-wide level. By promoting work-life balance, your employees will be less stressed, more engaged, and a lot more content. 

Interested in taking your efforts further? Download our E-Book “Building Culture in the New Normal” to see how to start building or rebuilding culture in our changing world and workplace.

The Benefits of an Employee Discount Program

When it comes to benefits and perks, it can be difficult to find solutions that employees not only engage with but also find value in. With financial stresses high due to inflation and other economic factors, it is an especially crucial time to offer a perk that stretches your employees’ paycheck. An employee discount program could be the benefit you’ve been searching for, with exclusive discounts for your teammates on the things that matter most. We’ve laid out a few reasons why you should join the thousands of employers taking advantage of steep discounts. 

What is an Employee Discount Program? 

An employee discount program is a marketplace of exclusive discounts, negotiated by a team of experts, from top brands and local businesses. Employees can access their discounts through their Discount Portal and browse deals, search by brand or category, discover curated and personalized discounts relevant to their interests, and enjoy savings on a variety of products and services.

No Impact on Your Budget

Employee discount programs are often an affordable way to provide financial benefit to your team. Not only that, but it’s much more than exclusive access. With PerkSpot, you’ll get an easy-to-use portal, optimized for all devices, that ties in with your company’s unique branding, creating a one-stop shop for employees’ perks and discounts. The best part? It’s free. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. It’s a no cost solution to help stretch your employees paycheck. 

Easy to Maintain 

One of the best parts about an employee discount program is the low maintenance. The portal is managed for you and discounts are regularly updated. Leslie Sells, Benefits Analyst at Humana, shared, “It’s always been easy. This is one of the programs that almost runs itself. It’s not one I have to spend a whole lot of time on.” With a dedicated Client Success Manager, we are here to create a communication plan that builds program awareness and helps employees maximize their valuable benefit.

Exclusive Savings

Another great benefit of an employee discount program is the exclusive access to meaningful savings. With PerkSpot, employees save from 25+ categories including electronics, travel, home goods, cars, health, and so much more. In addition, savings with PerkSpot are personalized. In comparison to other discounts available, these savings are tailored and relevant. It not only saves time for your employees, but also provides discounts your employees may not be aware of. Another great benefit of PerkSpot is the access to Premium Perks. Premium Perks are verified to be the best available discounts on the market by your PerkSpot team

Exceptional Employee Retention and Engagement 

It’s estimated that turnover costs employers over $1 trillion annually. So, how do you minimize these costs and setbacks? It all starts with the employee experience. With PerkSpot, you can lend your employees a hand with their financial wellness by offering exclusive discounts on tax services, loans, mortgages, and more. Not only that, but we’ve built our platform to encourage engagement by allowing employees to save when and where it matters to them by showing the most relevant and meaningful offers. 

With a multitude of benefits and perks to choose from, offer a solution that is affordable, easy to maintain, exclusive, and engaging. Not only that, but it’s valuable for your employees. With a potential of $6k in savings, you’re not only offering impactful discounts but you’re providing a financial wellness benefit. Ready to start the savings journey for your teammates? Sign up for a demo today

The Importance of Pride Month in the Workplace


Pride Month is a time for LGBTQ+ communities and allies to come together to celebrate the freedom to be yourself. With decades of struggles with prejudice and acceptance, this month is crucial. It is a time when cities hold parades, celebrations, rallies, parties, workshops, and much more to recognize the fight for equality. As important as it is to celebrate Pride Month outside of work, it’s just as important to celebrate this monumental month in the workplace. We’ve gathered a few different ways you can raise your rainbow flag and join the movement today. 

A Brief History

In 1969, police stormed into the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwhich Village, New York. Customers were being removed from the bar but tensions quickly rose. Patrons began resisting arrest and bystanders started throwing bottles and coins at the officers. Following the incident, the gay community was fed up after decades of harassment and took to the streets to riot for three days straight. After the riots, the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance were formed. One year later, the nation’s first Gay Pride parades were held. 

Why Celebrate? 

There are many reasons why diversity is important in the workplace. A few include differing perspectives, new ideas, improved creativity, and better problem-solving. As the leaders in your organization, it’s critical to showcase the stories that make people unique and celebrate the diverse voices throughout the company. It is important to remember that the first Pride was not a celebration, it was a riot led by queer people of color. 

How To Recognize In The Workplace

There are plenty of ways to show your allyship and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in your workplace, whether you’re remote or in-person. A few of our favorites are below! 

Support LGBTQ+ Causes 

There are dozens of different organizations and causes you can donate to. It’s important to mention, it doesn’t have to be a monetary donation. Donating your time, voice, and energy is just as important! 

Update Your Company Branding 

Businesses around the world have shown their allyship in different ways. For example, you can update your Zoom background, add your pronouns to your email signature and LinkedIn page, and send out some pride swag for your employees to show off. 

Educate Your Employees 

A lot of employees are familiar with Pride Month, but they may not know the history behind it. Use this month to sit down with your teammates for an open discussion or provide resources for employees. 

Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we have come with LGBTQ+ rights, but it’s also a time to continue to fight for equality and recognize the struggles the community has faced. This month, take the time to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of the gay rights movement and the brave LGBTQ+ advocates and allies standing up for equality. 

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