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PerkSpot’s 2022 Midyear Digest

January Through June Client Success Roundup

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already halfway over. But even so, the blazing summer skies here in Chicago are perfect for PerkSpot’s sunny entrance into the year! The first half of this year has had more amazing partnerships than ever before for this midyear PerkSpot Digest. In total, twenty-five new clients partnered with PerkSpot across Q1 and Q2 2022, offering best-in-class discounts to their employees. Following over a dozen industries, our new clients range from mid-size enterprises to universally known top brands. Regardless of size or industry, we’re proud to provide our easy-to-use, white-glove service for all our new clients!


In 2022, we added new major clients in the fields of manufacturing, retail, healthcare, food and beverage, transportation, and more. We’re especially proud to highlight a few examples of the diverse clients PerkSpot’s personalized discount programs can add value to. So take a look at some of our newest success stories in the making:


Wow Bao logo for PerkSpot Digest

Wow Bao – Offering Asian street food in over five hundred locations across the country, Wow Bao is an American food industry staple with their distinctive steamed buns.

Forever 21 PerkSpot Digest Logo

Forever 21 – Based out of Los Angeles, Forever 21 is a top American retailer offering fast fashion options for American shoppers across the country. 


3M Club PerkSpot Digest Logo

3M – A multinational innovation powerhouse, 3M sports over 100,000 manufacturing patents including adhesives, PPE, medical equipment, office supplies, and more. 


MoneyLion Logo

MoneyLion– An innovative new way to bank, MoneyLion offers thousands of customers easy options to borrow, save, invest and earn in one all-inclusive financial app. 


Sanford Health PerkSpot Digest Logo


Sanford Health – Sanford Health is the largest health system in the Rural United States, a nonprofit headquartered in Sioux Falls.  Sanford operates a global healthcare presence with an emphasis on pediatrics, cancer, heart, sports medicine, and women’s health.

Michaels Stores – Michaels is one of North America’s largest providers of arts, crafts, framing, floral and wall décor, with over one thousand arts and crafts stores across the United States and Canada.


We’re excited to serve our newest clients; always with the same attention to detail and enthusiastic, human-centric approach that PerkSpot has become known for! And especially if your organization could benefit from exclusive, custom discounts, we’d love to have you schedule a demo today to start the conversation!


When Disaster Strikes

You’ve probably seen the devastating affects of Hurricane Harvey. The category 4 hurricane reached Houston over the weekend and caused flooding and damage to the area, leading non-profit and disaster relief organizations to turn their attention to Texas.

hurricane harvey disaster relief

At PerkSpot, we love to see the different ways our clients are stepping into the gap and fulfilling needs all over the U.S.. In fact, just last week we discussed the role of HR in light of Charlottesville and how our clients are flipping the script.

This week is no different. Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to many Texas homes. Here are a few of our PerkSpot family’s most creative efforts to bring relief to Houston.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is one of our oldest partners and we are so proud to call them part of the PerkSpot family. They are constantly finding new ways to spread the “Luv”. So, when disaster struck Houston, they were quick to use their resources to provide relief to the area. Southwest flew 500 stranded passengers to Dallas free of charge.


This twitter status speaks for itself. H-E-B, founded in Texas and now one of the nation’s largest independent food retailers, knows the importance of a nice warm meal. They’re providing meals, ice, water, and other needs at their storefronts for those affected by the disaster, along with collecting donations directly on their site.


Starbucks is known for their constant support of their Partners. In response to Hurricane Harvey, Starbucks partners (employees) who donate to relief efforts can request matching funds through the company’s Partner Match program. Currently, the Starbucks Foundation, has donated $250,000 to the American Red Cross. Another reason why it’s great #tobeapartner.


Take a ride with this PerkSpot client and round up your change to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. They’ve pledged to donate $100,000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, created by the city’s mayor. Plus, they are even coordinating food and supply drives across Texas.

American Red Cross

Yep, that’s right, this leading organization for disaster relief is a PerkSpot partner. Below is a video showcasing their current efforts and here is a place you can donate to increase their efforts across Texas.

If you’re looking for ways to help, you can always donate to the Red Cross efforts. Human Resources, check out these tips on implementing policies and assisting those in need.