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Meet PerkSpot’s 2022 Internship Program

With the summer coming to a close, we are celebrating the success of the internship class over the past year. From leading projects to participating in training and skill buildings, the interns were fully immersed in what a career at PerkSpot looks like. Not only that, but with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, our interns spread out across multiple teams ranging from sales to engineering. 

We Aim High

Each of the interns exceeded their manager’s expectations while participating in projects and taking ownership of their responsibilities. Unlike other internships, our program is dedicated to providing real value during the duration of their time with PerkSpot. 

Week by Week Timeline

Managers created an overall framework to get each intern’s project done and achieve their goals. In doing so, this allowed them to get the experience that was relevant to their major while exploring their interests with real life examples and tools.

Team Support

Intern’s were challenged with a larger sized project for the majority of their program. In an effort to build relationships amongst our interns, we created a friendly atmosphere with someone to lean on for advice or provide support throughout the process! 

Skill Building Days 

As part of the internship, we dedicated a full day to building useful skills in the workplace, like DISC assessments, mental health and ways to avoid burnout, time management, giving and accepting feedback, and many more. 

We Stay Humble 

Our humble beginnings remind us that there is no job too big or too small when it comes to the success of our team. Therefore, our interns involvement with every project with had an impact, no matter the size. We’re beyond grateful for each and every one of their contributions! 

We Value People 

People, be they employees, users, clients, or merchants, are at the center of everything we do and it’s our goal to serve them as best we can. As part of the intern’s time, they planned a company-wide event for all PerkSpotters to attend. Based on superlatives, the intern’s had everyone submit their votes for a variety of categories. It was an exciting way to recognize and get to know the great PerkSpotters of the company. 

We Have Fun

We held an after work event at the office along with a company-wide picnic in downtown Chicago to celebrate an exciting summer and the great work of each of the interns. It was a great time getting together and having some fun! 

Check out some of our favorite memories from the summer below!

Thanks again to our amazing interns,

  • Arthur Hartnett, Sales Trainer Intern 
  • Twinkle Patel, Quality Assurance Intern 
  • Jake Rogers, Software Engineer Intern 
  • Anthony Hanna, Sales Operations Intern
  • Kevin Cooke, Business Intelligence Intern

Are you interested in an internship with PerkSpot in the future? Stay tuned for our open positions on our careers page. Check out our other open roles in the meantime! 



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