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It’s Time for HR and Recruitment to Take a Break

Over the years, Human Resources has taken on a completely different face. HR no longer means just payroll and workplace conduct. Gone are the days of cheesy corporate videos warning employees informing them of workplace policies. From training and development, HR analytics, strategic planning, and talent acquisition, the roles HR plays are varied.

Which begs the question, where do we draw the line? Should HR really be involved in recruitment and interviewing? Is this their responsibility, and if not, whose is it?

We think it might be time for HR and recruitment to take a break. Here’s why.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

HR may not be to blame for drifting apart. Just as human resources has evolved, so has the talent acquisition field. You won’t find any help wanted ads in the paper. Technology has completely transformed the role of recruitment today. What once functioned under hiring managers and senior leaders, taking orders on which candidate to hire and reaching out to close the deal, now has morphed into a role all on its own. With data and analytics to drive the recruitment process, this has opened the door to a new way of recruiting and created an entity all its own. In other words, it’s not HR’s fault, Talent Acquisition has needs to be fulfilled.

We Should See Other People

Because recruitment isn’t the same as it used to be, it might be time for this department to spread its wings. From building the employer brand to improving the candidate experience, recruitment no longer requires a simple one and done interview process. Which leads us to question where this role should fall within an organization. Should marketing be responsible in order to control the employer brand? Historically, recruitment has fallen under HR simply due to compliance issues, and in light of the #MeToo movement, this may not be changing tomorrow. On the other hand, acquiring talent is a special skill and many argue should not fall under the branch of Human Resources as there is simply too much involved. Perhaps the next stage in the recruitment evolution is moving out from under HR.

I Need to Be Alone for a While

For this reason, many organizations are beginning to create a talent acquisition department that stands on its own. Perhaps the best solution, as the department can collaborate with others but still function as its own entity. Talent acquisition today no longer depends on the human resource department or hiring manager to provide insights into their needs, although still valuable. Instead, these recruiters or TA specialists are experts on the job market and industry trends. As Recruiting Intelligence blog, ERE, states “Although there is merit in partnering with HR and marketing among other key stakeholders, as talent acquisition professionals we provide a unique and invaluable service to our hiring managers, senior leaders, and CEOs…. The emergence of “big data” and metrics helps to identify critical talent, enables us to source more strategically, and provide intelligence on how the competition is performing in efforts to hire talent. “

Do you think Recruiting should break up with HR or are they meant to be together forever? Leave us a comment!

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