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Leadership Life Skills: Positivity, Grace and Humility

positivity grace and humility
Positivity, grace, humility. It’s amazing how three simple words can carry such huge implications. Sometimes work can be… not so fun. Even working in the most amazing of environments, your workload can still be stressful, overwhelming and difficult.

In those moments, we face the reality that humanity is at the very center of human resources. So when work seems overwhelming or you encounter a tough situation, consider these three traits that will make you better: as a leader and an individual.


Grace flows both inward and outward. It’s important not only to show grace to others when they screw up, but to also give it to yourself when you need it. Accept recognition when it comes your way and forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Most importantly, give yourself credit where credit is due.


As obvious as it might be, positivity is often one of the hardest traits to foster. Positivity manifests itself in the smallest moments, but with huge consequences. We would all rather be around people who encourage and uplift us. However, it’s often easier to feed into workplace gossip and criticism. Whenever you find an opportunity to criticize, consider the impact on your own attitude and on those around you.


C.S. Lewis once said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less”. While leaders should still assert themselves and fight to be heard, they also have a responsibility to the people they lead. Remember who your decisions are affecting. Oftentimes a seemingly small decision makes a huge impact, and by thinking of others more often, you develop stronger relationships and deeper respect from those around you. Humility isn’t an easy trait, but it’s a powerful one.

Give yourself grace, cultivate a positive spirit, embrace humility. Influence the people around you with positivity, grace, and humility.

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